College Acceptances & Scholarships

Congratulations to students who have been accepted to past colleges and universities as well as those members of the Freshman class for the Fall of 2016

College Acceptances

U of Alabama-Birmingham

U of Alabama, Honors Program

American University (Scholarships)


Appalachian State

Augusta University (GRU) Medical School

U of Arizona (Academic Scholarship)

Auburn University (Scholarships)


Brandeis University

Brown University


U of California –San Diego

Carnegie Mellon – Computer Science

Claremont McKenna


U of Chicago (Scholarships)

U of Colorado


College of Charleston


Dartmouth College

U of Delaware



Duke University

Elon (Scholarships)

Emory University (Scholarships)

U of Florida

U of Central Florida

U of Georgia

Ga. College and State University

Georgia State

Georgia Tech

George Washington University

Harvard Law School

Harvard University

Hampshire College (Scholarships)

Indiana University

Ithaca College


Loyola U of New Orleans (Academic Scholarship)

Lynn University (Scholarships)

U of Maryland, College Park


Maryland Institute of Creative Arts

U of Michigan

Middlebury College

Northwestern University

U of Denver

U of Miami (Scholarships)

U of Michigan, Honors

U of Pennsylvania

U of Pittsburgh

U of Southern California

New York University

North Carolina State (Scholarships)

Northeastern University

UNC Asheville

UNC Chapel Hill

UNC Wilmington

Oberlin (Scholarships)

The Ohio State (Academic Scholarship)

U of South Carolina

Penn State University

Pratt School of Design

Princeton University

Purdue University


Rhodes Island School of Design

Sarah Lawrence

Savannah College of Art and Design

School of Art Institute of Chicago

Southern Methodist University

Stanford University


University of Tampa (Scholarships)

University of Texas


Tulane Medical School

Tulane University

Vanderbilt University (Scholarships)

University of Virginia

Washington University

U of Wisconsin

U of Vermont


** AB Duke Scholar

** Ben Franklin Scholar

***Coca Cola Scholar

** Foundation Fellows

****MESA Gap Year/Award

*Syracuse Newhouse Scholar

**Tulane Presidential Scholarship

**Tulane Distinguished Scholars Award

**Tulane Community Service Award

*Rhodes Cambridge Scholarship

*Indiana University Distinction Scholarship

*Berry College Academic Scholarship

*Mercer University Presidential Scholarship

*Lynn University Academic Scholarship

*Louisiana State University Academic Scholars

*Hampton University Scholars

*Clemson University Out of State Academic Scholarship

*U of Maryland, College Park Presidential Scholarship

*School of Art Institute of Chicago Presidential Scholarship

*Dickinson Scholar/Athlete Award

*Denison Alumni/Athletic Award Scholarship

Bradley Academic Scholarship

SCAD Academic Scholarship

De Paul University Academic Scholarship

U of Pennsylvania Athletic Acceptance

* represents number of recipients