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Itis impossible for me to imagine how my college application process woulod have gone without Freida. She pointed out the opportunities I was initially oblivious to, opportunities that shaped my college resume and stood out against all other applicants. She gave me hope and encouragement for my future, she treated me like I was part of her family, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Ada Dildar
Student: Wheeler High School
Class of 2018


Our family worked with Freida over the past two years to support our daughter, Chelsea, throughout her college selection and acceptance process. We sought to find an experienced college counselor, and Freida came highly recommended.

Freida invested the time and energy to learn about our daughters strength and interests, and translated that information into impactful activities that enabled Chelsea to identify schools that would be a solid fit, both academically and interpersonally.

When it came to helping Chelsea with her college essays, Frieda provided the appropriate degree of focus and guidance. She helped Chelsea produce an outstanding personal narrative. In a nutshell, Freida encouraged Chelsea to work to reach her greatest and highest purpose in life.

My family is very grateful to Freida. Chelsea was accepted to several schools, and had the ability to select the school that suits Chelsea’s needs. We recommend Freida whole-heartedly and without hesitation.

Riverwood Charter School
Class of 2018


After hearing about Frieda for a few years and being informed of her work by other Alpharetta High School parents, I finally decided to give her a call. My husband and I had already spent much effort, time and frustration in trying to navigate the ever-changing college application process for our two older children. We were still unsure of the best way to assist our kids without getting in their way.

Frieda organized the process each and every step of the way, providing wise counsel, guidance and encouragement as Megan researched schools, developed essays, and met deadlines. I felt comfortable and fully secure right from the start with Frieda’s attentive, knowledgeable, and experienced approach. We are all thrilled that Megan was accepted early-decision to her dream school of New York University! Thank you, Frieda, for your kindness, support, and wisdom.

Karen Tantillo, MSW
Parents of Megan Tantillo
Alpharetta High School
Class of 2018


Freida was separately recommended by two our long-time friends and it turns out that we are so lucky to have Freida as our son’s counselor. She is an expert in her field of college counseling and works very patiently with her students. For the past three years, she worked our son through, step by step, from his high school course selection, academic and extra curriculum resume, prospect college list, college application essays, and to the final Common Application. We are very happy with Freida’s excellent counselling service and will recommend her to anybody who needs it.

Ming Zhuang  Parent of Samuel Song
Johns Creek
Class of 2019


We went to Freida for one meeting when my daughter got deferred from her early action school. Freida looked at my daughter’s application, scores and essays, and immediately suggested a few more schools to apply for regular decisions. My daughter got in Washing University at St. Louis and is very happy there. If it weren’t from Freida, we wouldn’t have applied to this wonderful school. Freida has great intuition and talent to know student within a short contact of time. Now my senior son is working with her on his college application and has accepted an ED to Rice University. She guides and slightly pressures but all in an encouraging way. It takes the pressure off of me and my son because he knows every step that he needs to take. I appreciate Freida’s guidance very much!

Shu-ling Chen- Parent
Students of Northview High School
2017 and 2019


“Freida has helped me so much throughout my college admissions process. With her help, I was able to craft amazing essays that really displayed my personality in the best ways possible. She was so skilled at finding the right qualities and words to put in essays, and I am forever grateful for her help in the admissions process and high school as well. Her advice was the best!”

Evan Ouyang
North view High School
Class of 2019


“Freida has guided my two sons and my daughter through the college application process, and has not only taken much of the stress out of the process, but has transformed it into an exciting journey of discovery – both into colleges and the self. Freida has a keen ability to recognize the unique gifts and qualities in each student and to successfully encourage him or her to bring these to the forefront of the college application process with very positive results. It is clear that she truly enjoys young people and takes a personal interest in them. She creates a warm, supportive, and positive environment in which students can flourish and accomplish great things.””

Dr. Jessica Tuttle
Parent of Lukas, Axel and Isabel Tuttle
Grady High School   2015/2012


Freida was very quick to get to know, understand, see and value the unique strengths of my son, an out-of-the-box type of kid. Her vast experience working with teens was obvious in how well he related to her and followed her advice. Freida’s guidance helped showcase his talents and make him shine through his common app.

Mitchell Tepper, PhD, MPH
Parent Yeshiva Atlanta High School   2014


Freida dedicates herself to building meaningful relationships with her students. She motivates them to express their unique qualities, uses her expertise to guide them to the colleges that would be a good fit, and keeps them on track to meet all of their college deadlines. She is a pleasure to work with and we truly thank her for her commitment to helping our 3 children with their college placements!

The Meline Family
The Weber School


I cannot thank Freida enough or adequately articulate just how grateful I am for the intact relationship I still have with my son. We started the college process together without Freida’s assistance initially and there was so much stress for all of us and clearly a strain on our relationship that we were having nightly fights. When working with Freida, the stress seemed to dissipate for all of us! POOF! He looked forward to coming to see you, and I knew that he was expertly guided. I could relax knowing the things that needed to get done were getting accomplished..I was able to back off completely and let him handle the process. What a gift you have given to all of us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pam Gould
Parent of Woodward Academy Student


“This wasn’t just college counseling—it was life counseling. My daughter had achieved high grades in school without accommodations in spite of her dyslexia, but her initial SAT scores really limited her college options. It was only with Freida’s no-nonsense attitude and belief in my daughter’s ability to succeed that my daughter decided to take on the task of tutoring to raise the scores. My daughter gained self-confidence and self-knowledge working with Freida. Equally important, Freida calmed my frayed nerves, guided me through the tricky 504 and ACT process, and held my (sweaty!) hand throughout. Freida’s vast knowledge and experience, her wisdom and passion, and her belief in her students put her at the very top. I’ve always referred to Freida as our angel—and I feel that way now more than ever.”

Parent of Student
Decatur High School   2014


Freida was a blessing to all of us! By using Freida, she helped significantly reduce the stress associated with the college application process. Freida guided our daughter beautifully, always making her feel confident and special. She really helped our daughter put her best foot forward and achieve admission to the school of her choice.

Penina Richards
Marley Richards
The Galloway School   2014


Freida’s work with our son was outstanding. She made the process enjoyable for him and her expertise was invaluable. Freida met with him, guided him, and kept him on tract. From the moment we met her, we could tell that she truly cares for her students and takes such an active, personal interest in their lives. She was able to hone in on our son?s strengths help him craft his applications to be as strong and competitive as possible. We received from Freida value beyond what we ever expected and were extremely impressed with the results.

Debra Tenenbaum and Fred Spring
Scott Tenenbaum
The Weber School   2014


Let me begin by saying that I have always had a wonderful relationship with my son, ZACH. Working with Freida has allowed me to continue my relationship with him as he experienced the college/admission process. .She took the responsibility and the stress away from my husband and me and helped him get through everything that was needed from start to finish. She was able to keep him focused and made sure that he stayed on track when it came to all deadlines, recommending SAT vs ACT , teacher recommendations, his resume and all of the necessary criteria for all of the schools that he was considering. I am forever indebted to her. ZACH will be attending Tulane in the Fall. If you ask ZACH to tell you the reason he was accepted to all of the schools he applied to, he would say it was because of Freida’s assistance. She is one in a million.

Randy Karsch
Paideia School
Class of 2015-2018


When I first came to Freida, I had absolutely no clue about the college process. With her patience and guidance, I was able to figure out how and where I wanted to apply. Throughout the entire college application process, Freida was my biggest cheerleader! She always had encouraging words to keep me motivated and focused on my goals. Her vast knowledge of colleges and their applications processes’ helped make narrowing down my choices and applying to schools a breeze. With college acceptances becoming more competitive, Frieda’s services can give someone that edge to put their application over the top.

Melissa Fellman, Student
Lassister High School   2014


“Working with Freida greatly reduced the stress of the college application process. Freida’s kind and caring manner immediately put our daughter at ease so that she could focus on getting the applications completed on schedule while emphasizing her strengths. We felt that our student applied to the appropriate mix of reach, probable, and sure schools under Freida’s guidance. Our daughter is very excited to attend her top choice school to which she applied.”

Lisa & Sherman Cohen
Riverwood   2013


Freida Gottsegen has been a blessing to our family. She not only insured our daughter but also our son of many college acceptances and choices; but also comforted us, as parents, during our first college application experience. The investment spent for her college planning expertise was offered back through many college scholarship opportunities.

Charles & Chris Herd
Sequoyah High School   2016/2013


Freida is incredibly knowledgeable about colleges and their admissions processes. She was extremely helpful not only in keeping my child organized and motivated, but also in being supportive and calm during a very stressful process. I believe Freida is especially skilled in assisting each child bring out their own unique talents and abilities.

Dr. Louise Short Axler
Parent of
The Weber School   2013


“Aside from being experienced,knowledgeable and worldly, Freida Gottsegen is a truly dedicated and focused person who not only brings out the best in every student while pushing him/her limit, but also Freida cares about each student individually. She knows their strengths and weaknesses, and thus sets the bar high, while also keeping a realistic point of view. With encouragement and stability, she is a breath of reassuring air in this maddening process.”

Florence Heller and Family
Riverwood High School  2009-2010


Being introduced to Freida was a relief. As parents, we knew that getting our son to focus on college applications was going to be tough, but Freida “got” him immediately. She worked so well with Andrew, making sure he highlighted his achievements and focusing on the colleges that were the right fit. Freida pushed him to go beyond the minimum requirements, making sure he completed his portfolio for his desired art major, and, in the end ,multiple acceptances (and scholarships) started coming in.

We are excited for Freida to help our daughter next year!

Hugh Asher
Howard School Parent


Freida was a lifesaver. The application process was seamless. Freida instantly connected with our son and it was wonderful watching them work together. Max got into every college he applied to and received scholarships from many! Thank you, Freida.

Jody Goldstein
Parent of Max Goldstein
Riverwood 2014


“Freida is a gem. After our first meeting, I didn’t know who felt more elated, Noah or I. Freida has a way of making parents feel successful. She takes your child under her wing and helps them discover and build upon their strengths. Freida opened up new ideas to both of my children and encouraged them to follow their dreams, but showed them how to get there realistically. The road to college is a daunting one. Freida’s knowledge, encouragement and sweetness made the process smooth and exciting from beginning to end. She will always have our gratitude.”

Dr. Amy Shaye Psychologist and Parent of Noah and Samantha Shaye
Grady High School 2009-2010


Freida truly brought me out of my shell. She encouraged me to take on more endeavors and stood with me through every obstacle of the college process. She read countless essays, helped me narrow down that lengthy list of prospective schools, and, as busy as she got, always ensured me that we had ample time to work. The process can be intimidating. Freida had a unique way of breaking it down into parts and highlighting my best attributes in each one of them. I will be attending my top choice, Dartmouth College through Freida’s unwavering guidance and support. She not only helped me realize this aspiration, but helped me define it along the way as we sifted through countless colleges to find one that suited my interests and persona best.

Lillian Jin
Student of North View High School


Freida has been instrumental throughout high school and the college application process. From Sophomore year, she has been there, behind the scenes, to focus my efforts on my resume, my academic schedules and preparing for both college and summer camp applications .She made an obvious conscious to be actively involved throughout the process, even attending several of my youth orchestra concerts. Whether I needed her to talk through the decisions for college or to brainstorm ideas for my essays, she was there. Open and receptive, Freida acted as a second perspective to add a new view or to keep me from becoming overwhelmed. Eventually, with Freida’s guidance, I was accepted into the ED school of my choice, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business. Without Freida, the entire college process seems daunting and unfathomable.

Amy Wang
Student from Alpharetta High School


“When I began the college application process, I was overwhelmed by the intricacies, and had no idea where to begin. Interviews, essays, college visits, standardized tests, resume– I did not know how to create a portfolio that would most successfully highlight my strengths, and accurately portray me. Working with Ms. Gottsegen not only gave me direction, but also exposed me to several opportunities, gave me confidence in my ability to succeed, and taught me how to most eloquently represent myself in the college process and beyond.”

Ari Axler
Student of
The Weber School   2010


“Freida was a true blessing for our family. She motivated my son in ways in which we were unable to do. She’s a very positive person with a “yes you can” attitude that comes across in the way she coaches her students. Freida’s ability to help my son compile a dynamic high school resume, write an effective college essay, and zero-in on the right colleges for him was wonderful. He never complained about meeting with her, and returned home with high energy and enthusiasm. Her services are well-worth the investment!”

Shelley Gaynes, Jonathan Gaynes
The Weber School  2008-2010


“Freida Gottsegen has a calm, peaceful demeanor which helps students and parents become open and receptive to ideas that lead to successful college searches.”

M. Murphy, Headmaster of Pace Academy
Atlanta, Georgia 2006


“Freida spent countless hours with our family regarding the college application process. She assisted my three Russian sons with care and confidence, giving each the individual attention he needed. Navigating the college selection process was made far easier with her help.”

M. Calloway, Pace Parent
Atlanta, Georgia 2006


“Once or twice in a lifetime, we may be fortunate to be influenced by someone as professional as Freida Gottsegen.”

R. Webb, Upper School Principal at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School
Atlanta, Georgia 2000


“Freida Gottsegen always considers the total student. Her communication and organizational skills are stellar and she is a master at her trade!”

B. Andrews, Principal of Newman School
New Orleans, Louisiana 1998